Stage at which the Project Management Plan is made and crucial activities are defined in order to start the pre-construction period.

Due Diligence


Reviewing a property that has not been purchased or developed.

  • Assessment of the potential development dangers.
  • Environmental assessments, geotechnical reports, moisture problems, endangered species, archaeological, zoning, permits, access to the site, costs for carrying out development, capacity and other convenient utility reports.
  • Feasibility check and internal estimated cost.
  • Detailed construction budget.
  • Construction program.
  • Identification of potential problems, including the construction elements that impact the area and the environment.

Project Planning

Provide support and follow-ups for the stages of Executive Project and engineering, as well as due diligence and preliminary studies process.

Initial Project Review


Ensure that the documentation required for project implementation is complete and consistent with the project objective.

  • Adequate description of the scope of work.
  • Project Cost.
  • Stakeholders.
  • Payment Procedure Review.
  • Project plans and specifications Review.
  • Cost Estimates Review.
  • Contracts Review.
  • Project Manager's credentials review.

Design Coordination


The architectural and engineering executive project review will be carried out, which will be carried out by a third party, in order to identify potential areas of opportunity or coordination prior to the bidding process.

  • Coordinate meetings with the design and specialist teams so the documents match each other.
  • Project fulfills norms and regulations.
  • Project fulfills requirements or special certifications expected by the developer.

Budget Review


Verify the project budget according to the requirements and guidelines of the project.

  • Budget review.
  • Verification of parametrics and similar projects to ensure the most accurate projection according to the degree of collected information.


The entire bidding process, including searching for different cost comparatives with other possible suppliers making a formal bidding process with closed-envelope deliveries. As an alternative tool, in alliance with PRODENSA, BW will develop an e-bidding process through an internationally developed software where clients may oversee in real-time how the bidding is developing. The use of this tool will depend on the project's condition, considering detail, purchasing volume and other factors from the project.

Cost Estimates


Estimate the cost of the project according to the requirements and guidelines of the client.

  • Cost estimates.
  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Parametric's Verification of similar projects to ensure the most accurate projection.

Value Engineering (VE)


Recommend cost-effective solutions to the client once an analysis of his project has been made.

  • Identify areas of improvement in the different phases of the project either in Design and/or Engineering.