Frequently asked questions

What is project management?

It is the external department or company that directs and directs resources for proper planning and construction,  ensuring quality objectives,  time and  budget.


What are the scopes of planning & preconstruction of a management?

Review of preliminary studies/procedures, coordination of the different actors who correctly develop the executive project, budgets, competitions, supplies, and  communication.

What are the scopes in the execution phase of a management?

A- Supervise in a timely and form the execution of contracts and budgets of variousspecialties (excavation/terracieras,foundation, structure, civil works,  MEP’s, finishes,facades,  etc.)


What are the benefits?

Human resource with experience according to the type of project. Support staff for project review and execution. Guaranteed methodology  for risk reduction. Execution  of projects with quality, complying with work program, and budget established.


Why should I choose you and not the others?

Unique organizational culture for personalizedattention, measurement of service indicators, processes attached to standards and  international standards  (ISO9001, PMI, AIA, CMAA,  etc). Executive and technical  approach to meet requirements and solutions.


What added value do we offer?

Standardization of processes between management, developer, and executors. Support staff, process and cost audits, operational flexibility.


What percentage of the value of the construction do we charge?

About 1.5% to 2.%  depending on the customer’s needs, calculated based on the resource that is in the field.


How do they make up the teams?

An analysis of personnel requirements is carried out according to each project; Multidisciplinary teams are the responsibility of the chief operating officer, who in turn leads a team of project managers who lead the project by 1 Project Manager, administrative staff, and specialty coordinators

What quality control do we take to ensure follow-up?

Certified in ISO 9001:2015 for quality assurance in the provision of the service.


Do you have to hire from the pre-construction with you?

We recommend that each client involve management staff from early stages We canstartfrom any stage of construction, execution, closure, etc.


From what size do you accept Projects?

We have no restrictions as long as the project is financially viable to hire external management.


What real estate business are you  focused on?

Our expertis  covers the following areas:  Industrial, Tradingl,, Corporate and Vivienda  Vertical, , Interior Design,etc.


What methodology do you use?

Internal methodology, based on PMI, CMAA, AIAprocesses, and sum of experiencesand lessons learned.


What kind of software do you use?

ProCore,  QualityWeb, Bitam, BaseCamp, LinkaForm, Autodesk,  Revit, OPUS,  NeoData,


How can we support a company when it already has internal management or the importance of having external management?

Contribution of institutional decisions, which seek direct benefit to the client and the project.


What kind of controls do we have?

Strategic organizational structure for the fulfillment of objectives. Quality assurance using its own methodology. First-hand management tracking with the customer.


What kind of reports are generated?

Quality, financial and technical reports Daily/Weekly/monthly at  a customer request and non-conformities of the Quality Management System.