We integrate a strong multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in each area the project implies.

Georgina Ibarra

Graduated from ITESM in Architecture, with 14 years of experience. Founder and partner of Brick Walling, a company dedicated to the management of construction projects, of which she has been General Director since its founding in 2010. Her strength and leadership have allowed BW to consolidate its position in the market, expanding its portfolio of services and area of expertise and action. Brick Walling currently has operations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, with services in all stages of the project (from planning to closing) and participating as a consultant, administrator and even builder. Under the direction of Georgina, BW today has a solid portfolio of up to 500 million dollars in investment in urbanization, industry, commerce, mixed use and residential projects.

Francisco Rodriguez

Architect graduated from ITESM, with 19 years of experience. Co-founder and partner of Brick Walling. Since 2010 he leads a team of highly qualified project managers.

BW has had remarkable results under its management in operation; implementing and optimizing operational processes that have been beneficial for customers. The approach towards the engineering of value of the projects has given savings to the clients, managing to improve the deliverables of the company and the fulfillment of work programs.

Expert in capital monitoring and financial management, responsible for the administration of projects up to 100 million dollars. Having full command of PMI methodology and international construction project management standards.


The people we invite to take part in BW share our company’s values and make them their own. They’re proactive and have a high sense of responsibility. They have technical capabilities, experience and outstanding field knowledge. Our remarkable results in our projects are only possible because of our remarkable collaborators.