At the end of the pre-construction phase we continue with the quality assurance and control of the activities.

CRM: Construction Risk Management


Offer an integral construction service.

  • Service design protection for an investor or owner of a construction project.
  • Review of payment application to verify money and work performed.
  • Review of invoices and contractor's documentation.
  • Payments administration for contractor and suppliers.
  • Procedures Registration and distribution of resources review.

Full Construction Management, FCM


Offer customers a full project management service during the design and/or construction phases.

  • Preliminaries (Plans, budget, technical information).
  • General Project Information (Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Contract, Final Project Budget).
  • Advance control (Project Schedule, Daily and weekly reports, Site Observation Field Report, Weather report, etc.).
  • Change control (Change policy, Request for information, Change order log).
  • Quality and Safety/Environmental Control (Testing and certifications required).
  • Communication (Project Agenda, Emergency contacts, Memorandums, Other communication records).
  • Construction Log (Technical monitoring project).

Progress Payment Reviews – PPR


Verification of concordance between the contractor estimates and project's progress.

  • Site visit to review payments requests from Contractor and progress of work.
  • Check project changes; identified or potential.
  • Evaluate impact on the scope of the project, the budget or program.
  • Requests that any change order is approved (owner, architect and contractor) before recommending payment.
  • Photographic record of results.
  • Detailed report outlining recommendations to alert the investor or owner of any potential problems and suggest the terms of payment to the general contractor.

General Contractor

BW will act as a General Contractor for projects where the requirements include being engineers and contractors, developing a planning cycle, execution and delivery for the final client.

Project Status Review, PSR


Conduct an integral review of the project to enable decision making to the project owner.

(This service is recommended for projects where BRICK WALLING services were not originally required and the project has been stopped and restarted, most often with a new contractor).

  • Inspection visit to review payment requests, along with a photographic report of the site.
  • Review the amount and quality of work on site.
  • Cost estimates reviews.
  • Study of opportunities and risks.