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Property Condition Assessments, PCA


Assess the conditions of an existing building and its surroundings.

  • Property inspection to determine existing problems that may affect the current value, the maintenance cost and repair costs.
  • Review of the most important components of the building and ensuring compliance with national safety standards and federal accessibility requirements, based on ASTM-E2018.

Limited Property Condition Assessment

Simple technical support services of the property conditions, providing observations and reporting, as much as possible, given the physical conditions (1 hour round).

Alta Survey

The traces of the property will be reviewed and validated topographically, as well as the boundaries and reference points to establish starting coordinates so each work team can take references in a simple and fast way and avoid any trace error from the beginning.

Quality and Administrative Process Audit

Upgrade and understand the construction processes and the actual work state from the Construction Management and/or their projects.