Stage where the Administrative delivery of Site is assured.

Always to the satisfaction of the customer, the effective closure of the construction is an essential part of the success of the project.

Close Out


Take part in the project's administrative closing.

  • Lease Transfer support.
  • Performance Bond and Hidden Liabilities and/or Latent Defects Bond transfer coordination and support.
  • Prepare project's final reports with final cost, as well as providing support getting the Final Inspection and Occupation Certificate and final inspections.
  • Release of Withholdings.

Building Commissioning


Ensure that the new building operates initially as the owner intended and that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain its systems and equipment.

  • Verifying, in new construction, all the subsystems for mechanical (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, fire/life safety, building envelopes, interior systems, co-generation, utility plants, sustainable systems, lighting, wastewater, controls, and building security to achieve the owner's project requirements as intended by the building owner and as designed by the building architects and engineers.
  • Assurance of requirements and necessary equipment for the operation of the property.



Assess consistency between costs and project's results.

  • Post–project finances and construction costs review.
  • Evaluation of the appropriate use of funds in the project, based on the construction contract and change orders.